The original Heitz winery barely seemed adequate to nurture the big dreams of founders Joe and Alice Heitz, but it did match their 1961 budget.

As it turned out, the modest wooden building attached to an 8-acre vineyard about a mile south of St. Helena was just what the couple needed to get a toehold in winemaking history. Joe rapidly established his credentials as a gifted and innovative winemaker, and Heitz Wine Cellars became the mecca for bold, beautiful wines served with unpretentious hospitality.

In 1964, the couple purchased a 160-acre vineyard in the eastern hills of St. Helena. This beautiful ranch with its winery and homestead proved to be the ideal place to grow their family business.

For over years, wine lovers have admired the brilliant winemaking of Heitz Wine Cellars. Two spectacular vineyard-designated Cabernet Sauvignons — Martha's Vineyard and Trailside Vineyard — are the centerpiece of the winery's remarkable portfolio.

Heitz wines have been served by several United States Presidents, and they have also graced the table of many other luminaries around the world. In addition, Martha's Vineyard Cabernet achieved recognition as one of "The World's Thirty Greatest Wines" at a history-making dinner in France hosted by Champagne Louis Roederer in 1997.

Second generation Kathleen Heitz Myers and David Heitz now lead the business as president and winemaker. Both have been instrumental in the development of Heitz Cellars' reputation for excellence since the 1970s.

Today this sibling team and their staff deftly merge esteemed winemaking traditions with organic farming practices and astute business expertise. Their home ranch is the cornerstone of Heitz' diversified operation which now consists of 425 acres of vineyards in prime locations throughout the Napa Valley.

Heitz Wine Cellars produces a wide range of wines, including many longtime customer favorites: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Grignolino. David also introduced Heitz Ink Grade Port in 1994 which has gained a passionate following. See Napa Valley Wines.

The handsome gray stone cellar on the home property, originally constructed by Anton Rossi in 1898, embodies the magnificent history of Heitz Wine Cellars. Still used as a facility for aging wine, it serves as a testament to the Heitz family's significant role in the renaissance of Napa Valley winemaking.

"Our family is proud to be part of the rich history of winemaking in the Napa Valley. For people around the world who celebrate everyday life with Heitz wines, we will continue to polish our legacy."- The Heitz Family